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What is Unlimited Bandwidth Actually Means.
4 Steps to Increase Website Traffic. Best Dedicated Server Hosting. All Hosts Reviews What is Unlimited Bandwidth Actually Means. What is Unlimited Bandwidth Actually Means. Data Communications / Web Hosting Blog. It has become a common practice in the web hosting industry to come across companies that promise unlimited disk space and bandwidth to clients. It is important to take these promises with a pinch of salt because the word unlimited comes with many qualifiers especially if you take the time to go through the fine print.
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so bandwidth is the only things not possible to be unlimited while everything else can? ask yourself truly we all know unlimited simply means unmetered in this industry just like saying unlimited email accounts actually means unmetered email acconuts. It doesn't mean the server config can handle each users creating 100 millions accounts. i'm not saying i agree/stand for those unlimited everything companies but i just don't think your point sounds.
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Is Unlimited Bandwidth Really Unlimited? Unlimited bandwidth also referred to as unmetered bandwidth are really just marketing jargon used to promote business. Unlimited does in fact come with limits and those limits are determined by the hosting provider. In fact its impossible for a company to offer unlimited bandwidth a dedicated line can only carry so much data! When a hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth you can use bandwidth without any restraint BUT that use must fall within the range that the hosting company can acquire. So the term unlimited is used loosely.
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Unlimited Bandwidth versus Unmetered Bandwidth. Now lets clear up that point we mentioned earlier Offers of unlimited bandwidth. Many web-hosting companies will offer unlimited bandwidth as part of their hosting package a very attractive offer at face value. However these offers should be checked out very carefully. Unlimited bandwidth could quite easily translate into use what you want but only the first 10GB is free. Most hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth do so knowing that a small business might only use 1GB a month only to hit clients with additional hidden costs later when bandwidth use increases. Unmetered bandwidth on the other hand is a much more transparent offer.
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A flexible sliding scale comes into effect after the first 1GB of excess traffic and dedicated servers are available for up to 300GB. What is the difference between bandwidth and traffic? Many companies use the term bandwidth to describe their traffic limitations. Bandwidth is the width of the pipe the data travels down. Traffic on the other hand is the amount of data you actually send and receive. For example if you have a 56kbps modem your modem can transfer 56000 bits 7kb per second. The modem has a bandwidth of 56kbps. Your office ADSL connection may allow 256Kbps-24Mbps of bandwidth however your monthly traffic limitation may be 6GB. Many hosting companies provide 1Mbps connections or 10Mbps connections to the internet per server.
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Unlimited Bandwidth makes your heart beat faster. You want to believe you found the best deal in the world. But did you really? Before we answer this question let's go back and find out what bandwidth actually means. One problem with regards to bandwidth is that it is used to refer to a number of terms associated with network performance.
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Manual Installation of PHP Software 10855 hits. Getting Started Guide Online Forum Bulletin Board 7826 hits. InMotion Websites OpenCart Getting Started Guide 3335 hits. Account migrations 1304 hits. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth. Written by Jacob Nicholson. Published Mar 19 2014. All InMotion Hosting business hosting accounts come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The term unlimited as it relates to your hosting account is mentioned in our terms of service as the following. While IMH does not meter disk space bandwidth the purpose of an IMH hosting account is to host web sites. Using a hosting account primarily for online file storage or archiving electronic files is prohibited.
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What do you mean Unlimited? What we mean is you don't have to worry about disk storage or network transfer when your site gets popular. You DO still have to worry about plenty of other things though if your site isn't well optimized and is causing issues for others on your shared server either because it's pounding the CPU hogging RAM or doing tons of disk I/O you may be asked to sign up for your own DreamHost Private Server.
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In the same way when web hosts use the word unlimited to say that you get unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth or its equivalent unlimited data transfer the word unlimited usually gets redefined to some other meaning at the web host's discretion. The exact meaning varies from host to host in the spirit of Humpty Dumpty but it invariably means the opposite of the unlimited found in the English language. Deconstructing the Meaning of Unlimited in Humpty-Dumpty-Speak. Let's translate one version of the Humpty Dumpty unlimited to real English. According to a prominent web host account holders are given unlimited disk space.

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